Furniture & Upholstery

Our Tyvek and Cut and Sew products are helpful for your inner seat cushion encapsulation, pattern making and furniture & upholstery manufacturing process.

Product Coating Thickness Weight Core Notes Typical
1460C Uncoated 7.5 mil 1.74 oz/yd², [59 gsm] 3" Fabric-like, Soft Structure, Heavyweight Promotional clothing, Ideal for interlining between double sided signs, flags, and banners. UV stabalized for outdoor applications 60"
1622E Uncoated 6.1 mil 1.30 oz/yd² [44 gsm] 3" Perforated with 10-15 mil (0.25mm-0.38mm) holes, giving it much higher air and moisture permeability, additional softness, and greater flexibility and drape than Type 14 styles Inner seat cushion encapsulation

Tools of the Trade:

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