Material Concepts, a leading paper converter, can do paper converting for a jobs large and small

Slitting/Rewinding Paper Converting Capabilities

Material Concepts has 5 Cameron slitter rewinders with the largest one capable of handling rolls up to 155″.

Paper converting and paper roll slitting are the generic industry terms that describe these services, but these terms apply to all materials that can be converted. Paper converting is also referred to as toll converting or contract converting, where customer-owned inventory is converted to custom specification.

Paper converting, slitting, and unwinding services are available for master rolls:

  • Up to 155 inches wide
  • Up to 100 inches diameter
  • Any size core

Rewinding services for finished rolls:

  • Up to 155 inches wide rolls can be provided
  • Up to 63 inches diameter
  • 3" or 5" cores are used; other sizes can be accommodated upon request

Material Concepts – An American Paper Converting / Toll Converting Company

Material Concepts is an American paper converter with paper converting facility located in Philadelphia, PA. Material Concepts specializes in nonwovens and paper converting, roll slitting and rewinding, and wide width/large diameter roll goods. Customized slitter rewinders keep converting operations nimble and versatile, making it easy to perform many hard-to-do jobs. VP of Operations, Joe Palantino (formerly of PAL Converters), has built a reputation on trust, dependability, reliability, and clean quality work since 1991.

Select Material Concepts for paper and nonwovens converting because of:

  • Fast turnaround jobs
  • Competitive rates
  • Capable of doing hard-to-do paper converting jobs
  • Wide width capable (to 155")
  • Clean quality work
  • Warehousing customer inventory for future converting