Greenback and Manila Template Paper

Greenback Template Paper

Clothing manufacturers rely on Material Concepts’ high grade template papers for their patterns. We have the template paper that is right for you. Material Concepts can send you samples so you can test our papers and determine the exact right paper for your business.

Beaming Pattern Paper Rolls

Stock Thickness: 2X (.011)

  • Darker material to differentiate from Oaktag
  • Widths up to 72”
  • Custom sizes made to order

Green Pattern Board Rolls and Sheets

  • Stock Thickness: .030”
  • Our thickest template paper in stock.
  • For general layout applications when thickness is required
  • Stock Widths: 32” – 80”
  • Sheets: Call for Color Options and Sizes

Pattern Plastic Rolls

  • Color: Natural (cloudy)
  • .020” thickness only

Pattern Plastic Sheets

Resists cracking, curling, and fraying. Ideal for sloper patterns.

  • Stock Thickness: .020” & .030”
  • Color: Natural (cloudy)
  • White and other colors by special order.
  • Stock Sheet Size: 40″ x 57”

Tyvek® rolls for durable patterns

  • Easy to cut
  • Water and Tear-Resistant
  • Used for perforated furniture patterns and
  • Easy to pin perforate with a pattern tracer
  • Tyvek® styles 10G and 10GX
  • Stock width: 36” – 120”
  • Custom sizes made to order