Pattern Paper

Pattern Paper (Oaktag)

Pattern Paper – Pattern Making Supplies

Material Concepts’ pattern paper provides optimum performance for sewn products manufacturing applications. Since sewn products manufacturing starts with the pattern, this critical step requires high quality pattern paper to begin the process with excellence. Another name for pattern paper is oak tag or oaktag.

Material Concepts’ pattern papers:

  • Are made from high quality stock
  • Cut and fold cleanly
  • Have sharp, smooth edges
  • Lay flat
  • Easily accept inscription from any source
  • Are available in sheets and rolls for convenience

Material Concepts’ products make it easy for customers to turn new style trend concepts into saleable designs each season. Material Concepts carries Manila, Greenback, Superior-White®, and Tyvek® Pattern Papers.

Manila Pattern Paper

Material Concepts’ field-proven manila pattern paper is known for consistent and reliable performance in apparel manufacturing and other applications. It lays flat and easily accepts marking. Material Concepts’ manila pattern paper comes in rolls and sheets for customer’s convenience, in standard and custom sizes, in large and small quantities.

Manila Rolls

3X 2X 1X
Thickness .013″ .011″ .007″
Roll Widths 40″, 54″ 40″, 48″, 60″ 48″

Manila Sheets

Size Thickness Sheets/bundle
40″ x 65″ 3X, .013″ 50

Greenback Pattern Paper

With white on one side and green on the other, it is easy to identify face-up and face-down, top and bottom, left and right. Greenback pattern paper is high quality and easy to use. It comes in rolls and sheets, standard and custom sizes, large and small quantities.

Size Thickness Sheets/bundle
36″ Wide 2X, .011″ 175′
48″ Wide 2X, .011″ 175′, 400′
60″ Wide 2X, .011″ 175′

Superior-White® Pattern Paper

The bright white of this pattern paper provides excellent contrast for applications where this is important. Its smooth, hard finish is great for any marking. Material Concepts offers Superior-White® pattern paper in rolls only.

Roll Size Diameter Thickness Weight
48″ x 750′ 12″ 2X, .011″ 150 lbs.

Green Template Paper Rolls

This is our thickest pattern paper, with Green on both sides. Great for general layout applications when thickness is required. Call us for color options & custom sizes.

Size Thickness Roll Length
40″ – 80″ 3X, .030 230′

Oak Tag and Other Pattern Materials

Material Concepts offers a variety of other pattern papers, including shoe pattern board. These materials are also sometimes called oak tag, oaktag, or oak tag paper. Contact Us for details.

Material Concepts – Pattern Paper / Oak Tag Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of pattern paper sheets, rolls, and oak tag because of:

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Standard and custom sizes