Tyvek for Sewing

Tyvek for Sewing


Fashion designers use Tyvek® to bring a distinctive look to clothing and accessories including dresses, jackets, raincoats, shoes, handbags, wallets, jewelry, shirts, and more.

Recommended Styles: All styles depending on your creativity and project

Product Coating Thickness Weight Core Notes Typical
14-S Uncoated 5.5 mil 1.28 oz/yd² [43 gsm] 3" Fabric-like, Soft Structure; Metallized version of 1443R. Silver on one side. Very good light block out properties when used as an interlining for double sided flags and banners. Promotional clothing and accessories. 60"
1443R Uncoated 6.1 mil 1.27 (1.20–1.33) 3" Fabric-like, Soft Structure. Promotional clothing, Ideal for interlining between double sided signs, flags, and banners 60", 120"
1460C Uncoated 7.5 mil 1.74 oz/yd² [59 gsm] 3" Fabric-like, Soft Structure; UV Inhibitor for limited outdoor life Promotional clothing and accessories, wrapping and protection. 60"
1622E Uncoated 6.1 mil 1.30 oz/yd² [44 gsm] 3" Perforated with 10-15 mil (0.25mm-0.38mm) holes, giving it much higher air and moisture permeability, additional softness, and greater flexibility and drape than Type 14 styles Inner seat cushion encapsulation
Black Tyvek Uncoated 5.5 mil 1.25 oz/yd², [42 gsm] 2" Paper-like, Hard Structure. Black both sides Clothing and accessories 36", 45"

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