Template Paper

Template paper is used by auto makers and boat builders, shipbuilders and metal fabricators of steel and other large metal pieces. Users rely on Material Concepts’ high grade template papers for:

  • Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication
  • Ship Building, Repair and Refitting
  • Pipelines, Gas / Oil pipe pattern paper
  • Mold lofting
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Gas and Oil Welding
  • Construction
  • Government Contracting
  • Electric Eye and Plasma Flame Cutting
  • Pipe and Tube Layout
  • Offshore Production
  • Digital and Mechanical production
  • Optical tracing
  • Multiple torch burning

Material Concepts starts by purchasing only the finest quality paper stock. All template papers are converted in-house at Material Concepts’ manufacturing and distribution facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Standard stock width sizes range from 40″ up to 114″ depending on the style chosen.

Super-Weight Manila

.018” Super‐Weight Manila is the thickest Manila Template Paper. It has outstanding dimensional stability for superior, durable templates throughout the production cycle. Widths up to 94”.

XH Tyvek® Template

  • .010” x up to 114” width
  • 3” core

Tyvek® XH Template is white, highly water and tear resistant, and is unaffected by water. XH Template is flexible and has excellent dimensional stability. Custom sizes are available.