Material Concepts Plays Key Role in Converting Tyvek® for PPE Production

From DuPont™ article: Material Concepts plays a critical role in converting rolls of Tyvek® for PPE production for the COVID response.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies came together to support the production of much-needed PPE in 2020. Material Concepts has been a key partner in the supply of Tyvek® to various new PPE manufacturers in the U.S. market.

As news broke in March 2020 about the shortage of PPE, DuPont received several inquiries about purchasing DuPont™ Tyvek® roll stock from companies looking to make additional PPE to meet the needs for the pandemic response. In April 2020, DuPont launched the #TyvekTogether program, making available a limited-release Tyvek® fabric – Tyvek® 1222A – to help increase the overall supply of Tyvek® to the front lines.

To make this new supply chain option feasible, DuPont needed to collaborate with a converter that could convert master rolls of Tyvek®, which are 120 inches wide, and 39-inch OD rolls, and slit and rewind them to a smaller package size that could be handled easily by the new companies looking to make PPE.

DuPont reached out to Material Concepts to help fill this very important role in the value chain. Material Concepts has been a long-term customer and converter of Tyvek® for over 21 years, supplying Tyvek® for archival, art, graphics, consumer jackets, and packaging applications.

“DuPont needed to quickly identify partners to help manufacture PPE from this new Tyvek® material. Gerber Technology had formed a PPE task force to help bring together companies with converting capabilities and hospitals and facilities looking for PPE. We collaborated with Gerber Technology as the PPE matchmaking clearinghouse and advisor, and Material Concepts as the converter and sampling engine for the #TyvekTogether project,” said Elizabeth Briggs, North America Marketing Leader for DuPont Personal Protection.

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