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Tyvek® Rolls, Sheets, Paper and More – from an Authorized DuPont™ Tyvek® Distributor

Tyvek® is part of a family of tough, durable sheet products used in a variety of applications. Material Concepts is a leading authorized supplier of many Tyvek® styles, including Tyvek® graphics media styles for printing books, signs and banners, envelopes, eco friendly bags, and promotional apparel. Industrial styles of Tyvek® for template and pattern making, rug shipping protection and fine arts packaging are also available. Material Concepts also specializes in converting and distributing Tyvek® rolls and sheets to many industries for a variety of applications and end uses, offering turnkey solutions for printing and fabricating specialty bags, signs or banners.

Material Concepts offers the following categories of DuPont™ Tyvek® products in rolls, sheets or products:


Tyvek® is an ideal printing substrate that can be used with most standard commercial printing equipment to provide durability, flexibility, smooth texture, lightweight, opaqueness, and resistance to water, chemicals, abrasion, rot, and mildew.

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Interlining/Light Block

Interlining made with Tyvek® is used for double-sided flags, signs, and banners to help prevent show-through from one side of the flag to the other.

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Automotive Dunnage

Padded Tyvek® for dunnage protects your carefully crafted car or other parts from dings, damage, and paint issues.

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Rug Manufacturing & Importing

Tyvek® RugWrap™ is durable, strong, and flexible, offering superior protection to boxes, poly tubing, and other wraps. While most products offer water resistance or breathability, Tyvek® offers both.

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Archival Needs

Tyvek® is used by museums and art packagers to protect paintings, sculptures, sketches, documents, and many other materials.

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Fashion, Apparel & Accessories

Fashion designers use Tyvek® to bring a distinctive look to clothing and accessories including dresses, jackets, raincoats, shoes, handbags, wallets, jewelry, shirts, and more.

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Outdoor Protection & Recreation

Hikers and backpackers use Tyvek® as a groundsheet or cover for lightweight, durable protection. Tyvek® can be used to waterproof tent floors, reduce condensation, and can even be used as an emergency shelter or stretcher.

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Unlike paper, Tyvek® won’t age or become brittle. It is acid-free, pH neutral, tear resistant and water resistant.

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Tyvek® is used by artists in a variety of ways to create cut paper art, paintings, collages and other mixed media, origami, digital prints, translucent sculptures, vases, retail displays and more.

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