Response to Inquiries about using Tyvek® to make PPE

We appreciate your interest in supporting development of PPE to support Covid-19 efforts.

Tyvek® in rolls or sheets available for purchase online, through retail, or through distributors like us are not the same Tyvek® styles used to make PPE (personal protective equipment), and have not been evaluated by DuPont for use in face masks, coveralls, medical gowns, hoods, aprons, or other in-kind accessories. DuPont does not have data for non-PPE Tyvek® styles to support compliance with any standard or regulation required for PPE garments.

To locate distributors of PPE made with Tyvek®, please follow this link:

To contact DuPont directly about PPE, please follow this link:

MCI appreciates you contacting us. Together we will get through this.

Stay safe,
Doug Kohn

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